Server Stats

Server Stats

This is some information about Mine-Forge.

Total Players:   1,191

Players Online:   0

Total Play Time:   0:00

Total Blocks Broken:   0

Total Blocks Placed:   0

Total Mobs Killed:   0

Total PVP Kills:   0

Total Player Deaths:   0

Total Player Value:   36,897,755,706,772,296 Credits

Inflation Rate:   0

Villages Founded:   25

Build, Explore,
And More

MAIN server

Here you can build, explore, and team with your friends!
You can start any big project you wish, our map will never reset!
At our spawn you can find some really useful shops, a bank, a mine and a woodmil!

We Also have a World Map available at

SMP Server

Here you can enjoy a survival experience with your friends or with the other members!
We offer you a spawn where you don't have to worry about being killed along with some useful commands you would enjoy! (type "/mfhelp" in chat in order to find all of them)
You choose how to play.
You can be friends with everyone or enemies! But be careful who you team up with!
And sometimes one of our admins will give out 1 reward to the top 3/5 players with the most days lived! (do "/stats" in order to find out yours! )
But remember, our SMP map will reset once every 3-6 months or at every big update!

Please read and respect the server's rules that you can find at one of the books at spawn and report to the admins on our discord any rule breaking you notice!
And remember to type "/mfhelp" in chat in order to find out about all of our commands!